Spyder is the efficiency tool for credentialing.

Retrieve primary source information within seconds, all with a simple click of the mouse.

Licensure types & states

Currently supports 5 licensure types and access over 250 State Medical Boards sites, additional licensure types can be updated when neccessary.

Primary sources discovery

Helps users to query primary source in a convenient way through source url.

Non-html web data retrieval

Retrieve and extract data from sources in easy to manipulate formats, such as PDF or Excel Spreadsheets.

Handle validation code

A simple interface allows for swift handling of validation methods, such as reCaptcha.

Retrieving process visualization

Users can follow along on screen as the Spyder goes through the retrieving process.

Multiple formats

Store and export result pages in multiple formats. (csv, json, html, pdf, png)


Spyder Information

Spyder can retrieve state licensure data for RN, MD, DC, DDS. Additional Licensure types will be added when availible.

Monitoring & Notification

Ongoing Monitoring periodically checks primary source status. Should there be any modifications, users are immediately notified to the changes.

Storage Data

Manage your provider information anywhere, as data is stored in the Cloud.


Free Plan

  • 1 License Type
  • 50 Retrievals / Momth
  • 100 Provider Records (total)

Basic Plan

  • 3 License Types
  • 5000 Retrievals / Momth
  • 2000 Provider Records
  • Import
  • Source Query

Advanced Plan

  • No Retrievals Limit
  • No Provider Records Limit
  • All License Types
  • Import / Export
  • Source Query
  • OIG ongoing monitoring
  • License exp notification

Enterprise Plan

  • All Adv Plan Features
  • Integration Support
  • 5*12 Tech Support
  • Customization Service


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  • Saturday: 11am to 3pm
  • Sunday: Closed

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